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About me

A builder by nature, engineer by trade, Hoosier by birth and ATLien by geography, I've spent my career solving interesting puzzles. An enjoyable evening for me involves sudoku puzzles and performance metric monitoring.

I currently spend my days working for Huddle on the GoFan platforms.

I'm a rubyist first and foremost. I learned to code via Ruby on Rails, and any time I'm given a choice I'll suggest ruby for a project.

I consider myself a true full stack engineer. I've spent nights pixel-perfecting css and I've spent nights debugging AWS VPCs. I've built SPAs, Rails monoliths, Cordova and React Native applications, and AWS infrastructures. I've also built tiny utilities that serve one purpose and perform that purpose exceptionally.

My design philosophy revolves around domain modeling and functionality before performance. A slow DB query is better than a broken link.